Who We Are?

AISSOL Trading & contracting is a variegated unit with an expertise in several fields like Construction, Steel Structures, water & sewage treatment, Fire & Safety & Electro-Mechanical etc. By presiding the entire profoundness of our resource and industry ingenuity, we are now able to satisfy the growing needs of our customers which motivate us in our mission to supply the best products and cater to their needs.

Engineering Department

A cluster of well qualified,skilful and efficient engineers are engaged to develop softwares like MBS to create and foster structures to international design codes. Current trendy packages like Auto CAD, 3D Max graphics etc are put in to use. The team produces designs of ecumenical standards.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

AISSOL has QA/QC team whose prime desideratum is to aggrandise quality into all facets of its activities. Al sajow is faithfully devoted to comply to all the particularity, standards but with upmost customer satisfaction.

AISSOL QA/QC team is composed of bunch of highly skilful, efficient dedicated, systematic oriented crew with international perceptive aptitude . The process is checked against drawings, root card, inspection plan and related standards. Various training programs are undertaken by the quality Control inspectors to enhance the quality process.

Planning Department

The itinerary and undertaking of several incoming and on-going projects are streamlined and organised by this concerned department that boost ups the company’s performance. This department foresee the load and highlights when new projects are needed. The department also control the invoicing of finished projects.

Research & development

Our R&D department facilitate the cardinal expedition of the organisation via its thorough research methods and engineering techniques. They provide sufficient information for preparing new products with feasibility studies. They do technology upgrading, process improvement, method improvement for better productivity. They also involved in line balancing exercises with planning department.

AISSOL is always striving for excellence through its innovative products, timely supply, effective and consistent customer relations and the commitment is continued.

AISSOL offers a complete interspersed backup and maintenance. We extend our support beyond installation like providing field support and training. We are more than eager to aggrandize our role from choosing the right product to site inspection to providing ample support for your product safety. Be sure to find us at every step.


To facilitate a safe and secure working environment for our Client's employees, so that they work with confidence bringing out their maximum potential thus contributing to the Company's overall productivity, by incorporating sophisticated safety producst, which are in par with the International Standards, along with latest technological innovations abd practices carried out by our own team of qualified and highly experienced personnel who are constantly dedicated in making our Client's spacea better place to work.


AISSOL offers a true integrated support and service with full assistance. We offer our customers so much more than just installation, field support and training in fact our full range of additional support initiatives means that we are able to support your evry step of the way from product advice and site evaluation helping you to choose the right system for your application right through to supporting you throughout the life of your prosuct or safety system.