This comprises of installation, testing and commissioning along with its calibration and sustenance. There is facility of HVAC leaked detection systems available. They include :
  • Portable Gas detectors that offer higherresilience specifically appropriate for restricted and exclusive purposes. Our products provide a huge collection of potent and hefty convenient accessories to safeguard the personal and their valuable possessions.
  • Singe Gas Detectors like Altair, Altair Pro that come with two year warranty of free monitoring of many hazardous gases like carbon Monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and oxygen. The latter comes with a replacement sensor that can easily evaluate and exhibit the toxic concentrations of the same.
  • Multi Gas Detectors like Altair 4X and Altair 5X topthe list. Altair 4X have certain special features incorporated like optionalmotion alert feature making it the only portable one in the slot, 95+ db alarm sound and an ultra-bright LED lights fitted both on top as well as bottom .Altair 5X is more sophisticated with both motion alert as well as instant alert features. It is loaded with 5 gas capacity. 17 or more pre-programmed languages, better quality resolution And crisp display for easy detection.
  • Galaxy Automated Test System – the new MSA loaded Galaxy Automated Test System is filled with all the necessarily required accessories needed for a mechanized ,record keeping and modification system which require no computer monitoring, controlling or any network interference. It is not only resourceful and reliable but easy to be maintained at a very low expense.
  • Sirius Multigas Detector – it gives our customers the benefit of receiving the eminent outstanding multipurpose competence by consolidating a high performance Photo Ionizing Detector(PID) merged into a 4 gas detector. The customers can concurrently supervise for combustible organic compounds along with measuring of toxic , volatile and oxygen deficient conditions integrated in one system.
  • Fixed Gas Detection System – it caters to the needs of all sorts of industrial requirement and fulfils wide range of purpose. Various Gas Monitors available are:Ultima X series Gas Monitors, Toxguard II, Chemguard Series Infra-red Gas Monitors, Multiguard Gas Sampling System, Safeye Xenon 800 Open path Detection system, Z Guard S Sensor, Z guard D S Sensor, Flameguard Series Of Flame Detectors, Chillguard LC Control Module , chillguard LS Refrigerent Monitor  etc.
  • Calibration Kit for fast, easy, accurate and cheap way of detecting gas sensors and detection systems.
  • Detector Tubes and Pumps – they provide quick, on the spot reading of target gases and vapours that prevent the loss of time required when send to laboratories for the same.
  • Breathing Air System- air torrents have 2 or more DOT cylinders vaulted on fire trucks or in facility. On average 38 refills of 2216 PSI 45 CF SCBA cylinders constitute the air cascade presuming that each SCBA cylinder has approximately 500PSI remaining in it at the time of replenishment.
  • Breathing Air Compressor- it comes with Fresh air purification System that is tailored to produce high quality air but with excellent safety measurement standards set by OSHA, CGA and the NFPA.
  • Airline Respirators – available in two comfortable and safe forms- full and half facepieces. They can be used along front and back air mount at either high or low pressure.
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)- is an equipment widely used by fire fighters , first responders and others to get breathable air in any hazardous environment.
  • SCBA Cylinders- MSA Air hawk II Air Mask is a pressure Demand device constructed to sustain and balance between inhalation and exhalation of air.
  • Installtion, Testing and Commissioning of Addressible Systems.
  • Yearly Maintenance Contract of Addressible Fire Alarm Systems
  • Installtion, Testing and Commissioning of Conventional Systems.
  • Yearly Maintenance of Conventional Systems.
  • Installtion, Testing and Commissioning of Fire Fighting Systems.
  • Yearly Maintenance Contract of Fire Fighting Systems.
  • Refilling Fire Extinguisher.
  • Helmets- a wide variety of head gears options are available to be utilized during any life threatening situations. The helmets provided by us for industrial purposes comes in various shapes, sizes and colours to suit one’s need accordingly.
  • Face protection- many harmful and toxic elements that are released can damage the face beyond recognition but our face protection guards or shields come in different shapes and sizes which can even shield the harmful UV rays..
  • Eye Protectors- people not only operating heavy machineries or equipment need protection but also any common man walking in any hazardous environment require equal protection to their eyes. We provide a wide range of eye protectors with maximum benefit..
  • Hand Protection-gloves of supreme quality are available in varied sizes to provide maximum protection to the hands of those working in harmful environment. They are not only comfortable and safe but also provide firm grip while working.
  • Ear Protection – we provide ear plugs , ear protection muffs, and ear seats in various sizes which are very comfortable to wear , very attractive and deliver cent per cent protection as well.
  • Leg Protection- we provide a range of steel toe working boots characterized Thinsulate Insulation, waterproof, comfortable, stylish as well as non-steel toe and more making work worthwhile.
  • Coveralls- and finally an entire stock of Coveralls to provide overall protection which include
    Workman coveralls
    Fire-retardant coveralls
    Dinsposable coveralls
  • Dust Respirators- composed of N95 disposable particulate respirator that is not only comfortable, impeccable respiratory armour but also widely used and recommended by workers with long usage time.
  • Chemical Suits- they are constructed to give complete indemnity and security under most dicey conditions. They are designed in close proximity with fire and rescue services, , defence ministers, defence ministers , industrial users and research institutes world wide
  • Fall Protection & Rescue Equipment include:
    1) Harness – administer entire outright adornments that are usually used by linemen, rescuers, and fireman of good quality to ensue complete safety while working on heights.
    2) Lanyard – energy absorbing lanyards are available in web, rope and wire rope form that reduces the chances of fall by incarcerating  forces below ANSI and OSHA limits and decline distance is well under control of42 inches.
    3) Self Retracting Lanyards- these lanyards provide support and safety to workers where movement is involved. The mechanism is designed in such a way to prevent the fall by giving maximum liberty to workers to move along the line but with the option to pull in suddenly.
    4) Confined Space Entry Kit- Tripod and David Kits allow sufficient movement and confined space kits with lynx rescuer yield maximum result.
    5) Safety Ladders- fall from ladders are very common and life threatening in the field of rescue and construction. ASC provide a wide range of easy, portable, efficient and safe ladders for different purposes like Lifelines and Rope Grabs, Carabiners, Beam Clamps etc.
  • Traffic Cones – made up of PVC according to the specifications and guidelines, with a narrow top and weighted base of bright orange colour providing maximum visibility.
  • Mirrors – blind spots at parking, internal lanes etc are provided with our Polycarbonate Convex mirror providing ample thickness and maximum reflectivity.
  • Flexible Posts- flexible posts of supreme grade are produced by subjecting them to harsh flexibility checks and are built with three bands of reflective tapes for maximum visibility at night.
  • Barriers– plastic water filled barriers act as transient blockade around the roads and construction sites, made up of UV Stabilized and non-fading polymer.
  • Speed Bumps- made up of rubber base to provide maximum grip and black n yellow colour to provide extended visibility. Its effective against both temperature and moisture content.
  • Safety Mesh – they provide additional protection and warning against road work, construction sites, evacuation sites, crowd control etc.
  • Light Batons– they are built from polycarbonate with HDPE Handles and energy efficient LED. Also known as Signalling Batons and Marshalling torches, effective way to guide traffic.
  • Other equipment include double stripped Economy Traffic Vest made from silver polyester , variety of Road Blinkers in varied shapes and colours, Warning Tapes coated with adhesive pressure sensitive fluorescent material and Beacon Lights.
    it include fine quality Electrical and Manual Sirens , explosion Proof Power Alarm Siren and Location Strobe warning lights, Megaphones to amplify sound over larger distance , Glove Holder to keep the glove attached to the worker’s clothes, Rebar Cap, high performance supreme quality Noise Meters to measure Occupational noise, Industrial Hygiene, Vehicle Noise testing, Airport Noise Testing etc. Wind Speed Meters like Handheld Meter, Weather Meter for accurate and candid weather report, Wind Sock made up water proof, UV resistant synthetic orange coloured material that measure wind below 1 mile/hour which plays a vital role while holding, conducting or even using chemicals that may hamper the property or individual, non- magnetic, corrosion resistant non sparkling Safety Axe Hammers, the glistening rechargeable long duration Safety Torches, unique contemporarily designed comfortable Explosion and Weather Proof Lighters, moisture, grease chemicals resistant Scaffolding and Inspection Tags.
    Fire Blankets for individual protection, the Emergency Showers provided at Eye wash Stations are of supreme quality and helps complete protection against all harmful chemicals and Portable Eye Wash assistance as well.
    it include First Aid Boxb> of highly durable vaulted metal box at variance miniature and stature, highly flexible and convenient lifesaving Stretchers and Ambulance Service that comprises of both Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) which are strongly constructed to support intrusive driving.
    AISSOL provides a broad spectrum of all spill response kits