We are committed to provide comprehensive service and preventive maintenance for the entire range of fire protection and fire detection systems as required.

From fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems or highly sophisticated notification and evacuation systems, we have the means and capabilities to service and maintain such equipment through our highly trained technicians in compliance with NFPA codes.

Al Shaikh offers the following range of bespoke and standard regular services:

  • Periodic Inspection, Testing and Maintenance to measure fire systems’ reliability
  • Provision of on−site manpower to meet critical service challenges
  • 24hour support for emergency call−outs
  • Site Surveys, for both HCIS or Civil Defense Certification
  • Corrective maintenance services and additional site works
  • Hydrotesting of various system cylinders / fire hoses
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Gas detector test / calibration
  • System renovation work to meet NFPA standards and local civil defense requirements
  • Full refurbishment of all firefighting equipment
  • Major repair / modification of firefighting equipment
  • Refilling / Repair facility for SCBA cylinders
  • Site training on firefighting and all types of fire system operations

Our engineers are qualified and certified to work on the systems which may include: fire mains, hydrants and pump house installations, sprinkler systems, deluge systems, foam systems, water mist systems, fire and gas detection systems, extinguishant releasing systems, notification and evacuation systems which are either stand-alone or configured to protect a complete site or complex.