Emergency Rescue Equipments

Fire Siren

has an array of features that can help your department or agency better communicate. The Fire Horn offers an expansive array of services. We can coordinate with various agencies to bring your department up to speed.


Gravity Fed Portable Eyewash Station is a

high quality new LDPE material non-toxic 45L container which can provide more than 15 minutes of uninterrupted eye flushing, it is not easy to fade, not easy ageing, long service life and superior quality. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance of chemical substances such as strong acid, alkali, salt and oil. Gross weight : 10kg, Available Packing size : L * W * H = 560 * 520 * 630mm is Easy to use and easy to operate.


Spill Kit

Spill Response kits are designed for the work environment for quick response to a spill situation. Available in a wide range of sizes, portable, and highly visible, each kit is packed with high quality Lubetech absorbent products, including pads, socks, special absorbent pillows and disposal bags. Choose the kit that best meets your site requirements.


Spill Containment Pallet

It’s a high performance engineered plastic pallet for Excellent Chemical Resistance. It has external U-Channels for easy connection to Multiple Platforms. Removable, Flat top grating for easily cleaning purposes with load capacity : 2,000 lbs comply to EPA 40 CFR 264.175. Made in the USA


Portable Aluminium Oxygen cylinder

is a Portable oxygen therapy unit which consisting of a cylinder containing compressed oxygen, Regulator with pressure gauge and flow meter. The popularity of portable oxygen tanks has significantly increased in the recent years, since these modern devices allow people suffering from respiratory or pulmonary diseases to enjoy a much more active lifestyle and a maximum level of mobility.


Water-Jel Burn Kit

is packaged in a lightweight nylon blue bag. An inner pocket is sewn-in for organization and easy access to burn supplies. These emergency burn kits are portable and fit anywhere. They can be utilized for most industrial, institutional and medical emergencies. When water gel applied to the wound these burn dressings cool the burn and quickly relieve the pain, help to stop burns from progressing deeper in the skin.



It's used in ambulances and have wheels that makes transportation over pavement easier, and have a lock inside the ambulance and straps to secure the patient during transport. Modern stretchers may also have battery-powered hydraulics to raise the legs automatically.


Medical Support

AISSOL also provides vehicle customization and products for mobile health care units which plays a key role in saving life. Mobile Healthcare units today have gone beyond just being a simple ambulance used to transport a patient, they are used for many purposes like

  • Mobile Health Checkup Units
  • Extended Medical Facility
  • Clinic on wheels
  • Ambulance equipped with advance health care technology